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Improvise a Landscape

  Something I enjoy doing occasionally is improvising landscapes. As a performance chalk artist, I have to draw quickly. It’s a lot of fun to just start drawing and see where it leads me. That’s the fun of drawing, particularly with chalk or pastels. Sometimes you just have to let go and let the picture […]

How to Paint Clouds in Watercolor

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  Skies are one of the most fun things to paint in watercolor, and there are quite a few different ways to create dramatic looking effects. In today’s video I’m going to demonstrate how to use some simple tools (sponge and baby wipe) to create a bank of billowy clouds.   To do this exercise […]

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Composition 2: The Golden Mean and the Rule of Thirds

How do you create an artistic composition that is pleasing to the eye? Many artists use a mathematical concept called “the golden mean.” This is a close relative to another compositional principle called “the rule of thirds.” In today’s exercise, I’ve included three short videos that I’ve found around the Web (each video is approx […]

Learning Composition with Rembrandt

Rembrandt: The Three Crosses

For the next two posts, we’re going to be focusing our attention on principles of composition. Here’s a short exercise to get you started. The best way to begin studying composition in art is by studying great works of art. Today, I’ve included a 2-minute YouTube video that gives a quick survey of what to look […]