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What about Talent? (Getting Started in Chalk Art, Pt. 2)


Probably the most frequently asked question about chalk art is, “Do I need to have artistic ability to be a chalk artist.” And my answer to the question is frustratingly ambiguous.   No—and yes. On one level, you do not need to be artistically talented to be an effective chalk artist. Chalk art is a […]

A New Way to Paint with Pastels: PanPastels


Although I have worked with oils and watercolors, over the years I’ve gravitated more and more toward pastels. Partly it’s because I’m a chalk artist and pastels are a related (though not identical) medium. Because I enjoy working with pastels, I was delighted when I learned about a new kind of pastels that had been […]

A Pastel Painting in Eight Steps


This project began back in 2010 when my son Chris was in Iraq. He posted a picture on Facebook of him and two of his buddies praying before they went out on a mission. It was such a moving picture, I decided I wanted to do it in pastel. So, how does the whole process […]