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Online Art Galleries for Children

As parents, we all enjoy displaying our children’s artwork around the house. Often, the gallery of choice is the refrigerator. And, as galleries go, that’s a pretty good location. It’s certainly a place that’s visited many times during the day by all the members of the family. What could be better? While it’s true that […]

Getting Started in Chalk Art: Is Black Light Necessary?


    A key component of any chalk artist’s presentation is the lighting. In the past, when drawings were mostly “chalk talks”, there wasn’t much need for lighting beyond white lights. The surprise at the end of the drawing (which also functioned as the punch line or application) was usually accomplished through the clever manipulation […]

Getting Started in Chalk Art: To Talk or Not to Talk, Pt. 2


  In chalk art, the medium and the message are bound together. Thus, you the chalk artist must decide how you plan to communicate the message through your art. Although it is possible to draw in silence, not talking and with no backup music, it’s not a very effective way to communicate. So, virtually all […]