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How to Draw a Sunset with Black Light Chalk


I love sunsets! And the only thing more fun that watching a sunset is using black light (fluorescent) chalk to draw a sunset. On last Friday’s blog, I posted a photo of a stunning sunset, highlighting a hill with three crosses. In today’s video tip, I’ll demonstrate how to draw a sunset using black light […]

April Artist of the Month: N.C. Wyeth

It’s not always easy to get boys interested in art. If you’re facing that situation, you might want to consider studying our April artist of the month, N. C. Wyeth. N. C. Wyeth illustrated classic books such as Treasure Island, The Boys’ King Arthur, Last of the Mohicans, and many more. Wyeth’s illustrations are full […]

What Kind of Paper Do I Need?

Pastel crayons © Vesna Cvorovic - Fotolia

If you’ve ever tried to buy paper for art projects, you may have walked away scratching your head. There are so many different varieties of paper for pencils, pastels, and chalks, it’s hard to know what to buy. And, because many of these art papers can be quite expensive, it’s important to know what you […]

The See the Light Team

Joy of Art artist and Chalk Artist Jim Pence has his eye on the dessert tray.

It’s a rare event when the entire See the Light team is able to be together at the same time. However, this past weekend, that’s exactly what happened. Laurel and I are sort of the odd ones out. We live in Texas while the rest of the STL team resides in southern California. Last Thursday, […]