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Drawing Resource: How to Draw Landscapes

Landscape photo - Sequoia national park

There are many different ways to draw or paint pictures of God’s amazing creation. In today’s post, I’m sharing several awesome tutorials that will help you explore the limitless subject matter that we find in nature.   This is an awesome site with 16 step by step landscape tutorials. They’re good for middle graders […]

Six Super Short Art Tips — Tip #6: Don’t Overwork Pastels


One of the biggest problems of working with soft (chalk) pastels is overworking them. Because pastels cannot be mixed like paint, but must be laid down in layers, sometimes when we try to blend them, we continue until they become muddy and lose definition. In this, the last of our series, “Six Super Short Art Tips,” Jim shows […]

Six Super Short Art Tips — Tip #5: Tooth and Toning

© komissar007 -

  Did you know that some art paper has teeth? Well, actually it’s “tooth.” And no, it won’t bite you. In fact, sometimes it’s pretty important to have a paper with tooth when you’re doing a drawing. In today’s super short art tip, Jim explains what “tooth” is and when you need your paper to […]

Six Super Short Art Tips — Tip #3: What are Oil Pastels?

art pastel video lesson

Years ago, when I was first beginning to explore different artistic mediums, I was thrilled to discover oil pastels. Why? Because I didn’t have much money to spend and they were cheap compared to all the other art supplies at the store. I bought a big box and couldn’t wait to get home and start working […]

Six Super Short Art Tips — Tip #2: Paint Up a Snowstorm!


One of the reasons I love working in watercolor is that there are so many different effects you can create with simple household objects. For example, did you know that you can create the effect of falling snow by using a toothbrush? Watch today’s Super Short Art Tip to see how.         

Six Super Short Art Tips — Tip #1: Use a Grid

using a grid to make a small picture larger

Have you ever wanted to take a small photo and draw it in a larger size, but struggle getting the proportions and placement right? Or are you trying to draw a complex picture, like a portrait, and are having difficulty getting it to look “right”? An easy way to solve either problem is by using a […]

How to Draw a Sphere in Charcoal

Image Copyright © 2015, James Pence & See the Light

Here’s a fun and easy drawing exercise that you can do with a minimum of supplies. Supplies Needed:  1 stick of vine charcoal, 1 kneaded eraser, a piece of smooth paper (copy paper will work just fine), 1 piece of white chalk or pastel. Optional: chamois for lifting out charcoal Using the side of the […]

How to Teach Art at Home — Even if You’re Not an Artist


When people ask me how they can teach art at home, I suggest a systematic approach. First, keep it simple. Even one 30-minute session a week is great. Second, build your lessons around the art elements. What are the Art Elements? Depending on whom you ask, there are between five and seven art elements line, […]

How to Draw a Butterfly


I love to play with color, and two of the best subjects for creative use of color are butterflies and flowers. So this week on the blog, we’re featuring some tutorials on how to draw butterflies. Since many of these tutorials are in black and white, your children can have some fun coloring their butterflies and […]