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A Cool and Easy Trick with Black Light Chalk

Here is a fun and easy trick you can do with black light chalk. Draw a Star of Bethlehem with regular chalk (or pastel), then draw a cross on top of it with fluorescent chalk. When you turn off the regular lights and turn on a black light, the star will turn into a cross. The […]

Last Minute July 4th Craft Ideas

Tomorrow is Independence Day, and I imagine that most of you will be enjoying the outdoors, perhaps with barbecues fired up, sunscreen on, and eager children counting down to the evening fireworks display. If you need some decorations to brighten up the day, here are some easy July 4th crafts you and your children can […]

Art Teaching Resources: Sun-related Projects

Sunset PinOpt 9268575795_8560ccabef_b

It is now officially summer, and with summer comes the sun! Here are some fun sun-related art and craft projects for you to enjoy on some of those hot summer days when you need some time inside (in the a/c). EASY SUN-MOON COLORING PAGES: Younger children will enjoy coloring these simple images of the sun […]

How to Teach Art to Children Who Don’t Like to Draw, pt. 1


Should art be a part of every home school curriculum? Or can we keep it on the back burner, as an elective? In this audio workshop, Jim shares a list of reasons why art should be a part of every home school program. He also gives suggestions for incorporating art into your program, particularly if your […]

Paint a Calvary Scene in Watercolor, pt 2

Partial Watercolor painting of Calvary

On Tuesday we began working on a watercolor project titled Cross Hill, but only had enough time to do the sky. Today, we’ll finish that picture. So get out your watercolors and let’s have some fun.   Cross Hill, Pt. 2 from James Pence on Vimeo.

Paint a Calvary Scene in Watercolor, pt. 1


Here’s an easy little watercolor project to build your skills. I call the painting, “Cross Hill.” This painting incorporates a wet-in-wet wash and a graded wash. So get out your brushes, paints, and watercolor paper and let’s have some fun.   This is part one of two parts. We’ll complete this painting on Friday’s post. […]

Fathers’ Goals for their Children

photo credit: Hermosa Beach - 2597 via photopin (license)

[Guest post by See the Light founder and bestselling author, Pat Holt] For this final post about Dads, I  asked some fathers to answer the following question: What are (were) your major goals for your children? Here are their answers. Andrew A. –  “To trust God and love wisdom over foolishness.” John B.  – “To […]

Qualities a Father Can Instill in His Children

photo credit: dad gives a hand via photopin (license)

[Guest post by See the Light founder and bestselling author, Pat Holt] Recently, I asked some friends of mine to share the most important qualities their fathers instilled in them. I know each of these adults very well, and can testify that they are living out those qualities. It is also abundantly clear that their […]

What are Dads Teaching Their Children?

[Guest post by See the Light founder and bestselling author, Pat Holt] In my book When You Feel Like Screaming: Help for Frustrated Mothers, I asked children to tell me the most important thing their dads were trying to teach them. Here are some of their answers: Age 4 Ethan N.           […]