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How to Draw a Butterfly


I love to play with color, and two of the best subjects for creative use of color are butterflies and flowers. So this week on the blog, we’re featuring some tutorials on how to draw butterflies. Since many of these tutorials are in black and white, your children can have some fun coloring their butterflies and […]

The Art Elements: Color

Color is one of the seven elements of art. For today’s art resource page, I’ve linked to some web sites and videos that focus on color theory. The sites listed below offer something for all ages.  An important part of learning art is learning how to mix and create colors. The better you understand how […]

3 Easy Oil Pastel Art Projects

Oil pastels are one of the least expensive artistic mediums around. Unfortunately, they can also be among the most frustrating to use. As a chalk artist, I’m very familiar with “soft pastels.” They’re dry and easy to work with. But when I first tried to work with oil pastels, I quickly became frustrated and stopped […]

Do You Have a Morgue File?

Are you always looking for new and fresh subjects for your paintings or drawings? Then you might need to consider developing a “morgue file”. No, I don’t mean a room where dead bodies are kept. “Morgue file” is a term that goes back to the days before digital storage, when newspapers and publishers would keep […]

What Does it Feel Like to Be a Pilgrim?

  Do you know what it feels like to be a pilgrim? It was the summer of 1975. I was nineteen years old, and I had signed on to a program called Practical Missionary Training (PMT). Co-sponsored by CAM International and Wycliffe Bible Translators, PMT was an eight-week missionary life “sampler” for people who wanted […]

Make a Starry Sky Bookmark

On Tuesday, I showed you how to use black light chalk to draw a Star of Bethlehem that turns into a cross. Today’s project will be a bit easier for younger children to do. We’re going to do a starry sky project with a big Star of Bethlehem in the sky. As with Tuesday’s project, this […]

A Cool and Easy Trick with Black Light Chalk

Here is a fun and easy trick you can do with black light chalk. Draw a Star of Bethlehem with regular chalk (or pastel), then draw a cross on top of it with fluorescent chalk. When you turn off the regular lights and turn on a black light, the star will turn into a cross. The […]

Last Minute July 4th Craft Ideas

Tomorrow is Independence Day, and I imagine that most of you will be enjoying the outdoors, perhaps with barbecues fired up, sunscreen on, and eager children counting down to the evening fireworks display. If you need some decorations to brighten up the day, here are some easy July 4th crafts you and your children can […]

Art Teaching Resources: Sun-related Projects

Sunset PinOpt 9268575795_8560ccabef_b

It is now officially summer, and with summer comes the sun! Here are some fun sun-related art and craft projects for you to enjoy on some of those hot summer days when you need some time inside (in the a/c). EASY SUN-MOON COLORING PAGES: Younger children will enjoy coloring these simple images of the sun […]