3 Easy Oil Pastel Art Projects

Oil Pastel Projects

Oil pastels are one of the least expensive artistic mediums around. Unfortunately, they can also be among the most frustrating to use.

As a chalk artist, I’m very familiar with “soft pastels.” They’re dry and easy to work with. But when I first tried to work with oil pastels, I quickly became frustrated and stopped using them. They seemed, for lack of a better term, “gloppy.” I knew how to blend chalk, but those techniques didn’t work with oil pastels. Whatever I tried to draw usually ended up being a mess. But that’s no reason to give up on a medium.

With that in mind, I’ve brought together (thanks to my lovely wife and research assistant, Laurel) some online resources for learning how to use oil pastels. There’s something for all ages here, so go get some oil pastels and jump in.








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