See the Light Art Gallery



See the Light Art Gallery


Children and parents love showing off their artwork.  Here is an opportunity for you to share your children’s artwork using the See the Light’s Art Class, Art Projects, and Bible Stories series.

Send us an email along with the artwork as an attachment.  The staff will then consider the project for inclusion in our Art Gallery.  You will receive an email notifying you if the artwork is “hanging” in our art gallery.


Art Projects



Easter Story and art lessons 


Crossmaker - Abbey age 12

Abbey (age 12)



In the style of Vincent van Gogh 


Sunflowers - SM from Indiana

SM (age 13) from Indiana

Repeated Sweets

In the style of Wayne Thiebaud 


Repeated Sweets Art Project by Emily (age 11)

Tiffany Window

In the style of Louis Comfort Tiffany

Jessica's Tiffany Window

Jessica, age 10

God’s Special Surprise



Age 7

Watercolor Butterfly

 Abbey's Watercolor Butterfly (age 13)

Abbey’s Watercolor Butterfly (age 13)


  1. I have tried to view the free chalk drawing podcasts with Mr. Pence and they all produce an error. Have these been removed? They are still referenced on the website with links that don’t go to anywhere… FYI. Is there a way to still see these? Thanks.

    • Hi Jan,

      I am so sorry for the confusion! Actually, we’re republishing those podcasts on our blog every Tuesday in July and August. Because I rescheduled the posts, the existing links on the website are temporarily invalid. (Thanks for calling that to our attention. I’ll put up a notice about that.)

      Early access links to all the podcast episodes (except episode 4) will be published soon in the July/August edition of the STL newsletter. However, I’m going to email you directly a set of preview links that will let you access those posts right away.

      Again, my apologies for the confusion.

      Jim Pence

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