Homeschooler’s Art Supports Missions

Homeschooler's art supports missions

What do art, a lemonade stand, and missions have in common? The following email, sent to See the Light from Amy Bradsher, shares how these three seemingly unconnected things came together her daughter Andi’s life:


I’m writing to thank you for your Art Class DVDs.  My eight-year-old daughter Andi suddenly became interested in art this past semester, and we watched your lessons together.  She has done only a few, but I can see her thinking about the directions given in the lessons as she works.  When describing her art, she often tells me about how she has done this “because that’s what her teacher said to do.”

For the past few weeks we’ve been participating in a summer ‘art show,’ of sorts, at the Harmony Fine Arts blog – just for fun.  There isn’t really art instruction, but it’s been a fun project to do together and a way to learn about unfamiliar artists and their work.  I didn’t expect anything to come of it except some fun family time.


After completing her second project, however, Andi grew very excited.  She was in the process of planning her annual lemonade stand, and this year she had decided to save her profit for a future mission trip to the Hands and Feet Project in Haiti.  She decided that somebody might purchase her art at her lemonade stand and that she “felt like a real artist.”

I offhandedly mentioned that she wanted to offer her picture for sale at the stand to my parents, and she received an email offer on it last night.  She’s over the moon excited at having “sold” a piece of her art (not realizing that, as proud of her work as they are, her grandparents also want to encourage her mission-mindedness) and now is seeing possibilities everywhere.

Thank you for helping her confidence to grow and her dreams to bloom.  We love the Art Class DVDs and are looking forward to more See the Light ventures in the future!

Amy Bradsher


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