Five More Easy Christmas Gifts Kids Can Make

ChristmasCraftsA little more than two weeks and counting until Christmas! If you’re looking for easy Christmas gift ideas for your children to work on, here are five more creative ideas.


Photo Magnets

Here’s a great idea from I Love to Create. This is an easy project that will work for almost any age (although younger children might need some help).  All you need are some bottle lids, craft paint and paper, photos, scissors, and craft magnets.

Lacey Gift Candles

This gift idea is a bit more involved, but if your older children want to create a special gift that will bring joy and beauty to the recipient, this idea from is worth exploring.

Ink-Blot Prints

Another creative idea from is to make colorful “ink-blot” prints and frame them. The images created look a bit like the famous Rorschach ink-blot tests, but the difference is that you use different colors of paint instead of ink. The result is some beautiful abstract art. Just add a frame and you’ve got a great gift.

Melted Crayon Rock Paperweights

Okay, these rocks, rock! Rock paperweights are not new, but I love the twist on these. The melted crayon effect brings back memories of my youth in the sixties and all the tie-dye clothes that my parents wouldn’t let me wear. 🙂

Chocolate Dipped Spoons

Being a chocoholic, I should probably have put these first on the list! These little gems are great if you have a family member who likes to add a little mocha flavor to her coffee. I drink my coffee black, but hey, I’d be happy to eat the chocolate off the spoons straight!

photo credit: Making of a Christmas Planner via photopin (license) Modifications: Cropped, added text, adjusted color balance.


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