Preschool Bible Lesson: “Clouds”

Children holding Bibles with text overlay. Make the Bible Come Alive for Preschoolers. "Clouds" (Character Quality: Faith)

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by See the Light founder, Pat Holt

Character quality: Faith

Bible Verse: “ The Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” – Joshua 1:9



One or more balls of cotton

1 piece of light blue construction paper


Class Preparation

It would be ideal (but certainly not necessary), if this lesson could be presented on a day when the sky is filled with billowy white clouds. The clouds would provide immediate reinforcement for the lesson.

Lesson Procedure

  1. Show children the cotton ball. Ask them what they think of when they see the cotton (For example, round, like a circle, a ball, snow, cotton candy, etc.).
  2. “This cotton makes me think of something special. Let’s see if you can guess what it makes me think of. Watch carefully.” Spread out the cotton and glue it to the light blue construction paper. “Now what does the cotton look like? Yes, a cloud.” (If a child mentioned cloud earlier in Step 1, say, “David and I were thinking of the same thing.”)
  3. “Clouds are very special. The Bible tells us that a long time ago God’s special people, the Israelites, were making a long trip. In those days people walked everywhere. “But, how would they know which way to go?” God promised that He would be with them and show them which way to go.
  4. “Now, this is the VERY special part. The way God led them was with a great, big cloud. When the cloud moved this way (move your construction paper), the people knew God wanted them to walk this way. When the cloud moved that way (move paper in opposite direction), the people knew God wanted them to move that way.
  5. “Every time the people looked at the cloud, they remembered that God was with them. They could go to sleep at night, and when they woke up in the morning and looked outside, there was the cloud. They knew God was with them, leading them, and taking care of them.
  6. “So, the next time you look up in the sky and see the clouds, you can remember the special cloud that meant God was with the Israelites, leading them and taking care of them.
  7. “You can remember something else too: The clouds can remind you that God loves you, and takes care of you, and helps you. The clouds also remind you that GOD IS WITH YOU ALWAYS! 

Did the children get it?  Ask these questions.

Recall In today’s lesson, what special thing did we think of when we looked at the cotton?” Clouds

Comprehension How did the Israelites know God was leading them?” They could see the big cloud every day. It showed them which way to go.

 Application  “When you look at clouds, what will you think of?” (Let children freely share ideas, but push for all the answers) I will know that GOD IS ALWAYS WITH ME, HELPING ME, TAKING CARE OF ME. I WILL KNOW GOD ALWAYS LOVES ME
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