Preschool Bible Lesson: God’s Gift

Bible Come Alive - Gods Gift

God’s Gift

Character quality: Giving

Bible Verse: John 3:16 “God gave His only Son.”


Two beautifully wrapped gifts, one containing a present from the teacher to the class – such as crackers, cookies, bookmarks, etc.; The other containing “God’s Gift” – a manger and a cross.

Class Preparation

This lesson may be used anytime during the study of John 3:16 and the character quality of GIVING. It would be an excellent introduction to the verse.

Lesson Procedure

  1. Intro by teacher (showing presents): Both of these presents are for you – all of you. Those of you who are sitting straight and quiet will be able to shake one of the presents and guess what is inside.” (Let children shake teacher’s gift first.)”This present is the one I’m giving to you. The other one is from someone else.”
  2. After children have shaken the present, and made their guesses, let them help you open the gift, and then pass out the goodies, allowing them to nibble right away. . . if food! Encourage them to say, “Thank you!” for the gift, as they receive it.
  3. (Reach for the second gift.) “This present isn’t from me, but it’s for me and for you – it’s for all of us! Who gave it to us? Can you guess? Raise your hand if you think you know.” Allow several children to guess. If they still haven’t guessed it’s from God, give them such clues as, “It’s from the One who made you, and me, and everybody.”
  4. After the children have guessed WHO it is from, let them shake the box, and try to guess what is inside.
  5. Then let them help you open the gift, pointing out to them that God gave His only Son, Jesus, to come down to earth as a tiny baby. Then Jesus grew up, and died on the cross for our sins, because God loved us so much that He, God, “gave His only Son.

Did the children get it?  Ask these questions.

Recall What did I give you?”  Children share

Comprehension Who gave the other gift?” God

Application  “How do you know that God loves you very much?” He sent Jesus, His only Son, to be born, to live, to die on the cross for our sins, and to rise again.



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