Preschool Bible Lesson: The Kindness Kit

Kindness Kit

Children holding Bibles with text overlay - Make the Bible Come Alive for Preschoolers.  The Kindness Kit (Character Quality: Kindness)  See the Light ArtCharacter quality:  KINDNESS

Bible Verse: Ephesians 4:32 “Be kind to one another.”


A grocery bag containing such items as a dust cloth, a ball, a doll, a cross, a Bible, a cookie, a stuffed animal, a toy car, etc. Be sure to include a cross.


This lesson is best used after the children are somewhat familiar with the Bible verse and have enough stories to be able to understand/apply the concept of Kindness.

Lesson Procedure

  1. Show children the grocery bag and shake it. Then have several children who are sitting up straight and being quiet shake it, but not look inside.
  2. Tell them, “This is a special kind of a grocery bag. It is a “Kindness Kit”. Inside this bag are things that have to do with being kind. Some of you are going to get to come up, close your eyes, reach into the bag, take something out, and then tell us how you can be kind with whatever it is.”
  3. Have one child come up, close his/her eyes, and take out an article. Encourage the child to tell you and the other children how to be kind with the item. For example, in the case of a ball, the child can be kind by sharing the ball with a friend and giving the friend turns.
  4. If the child is able, have him/her recite Ephesians 4:32, “Be kind to one another. If the child is not able to say it alone, have everyone say it together.
  5. Choose another child, and repeat steps three and four until all the items in the bag have been used or until the time allotted for the lesson is finished.
  6. Be certain that the child understand that the cross shows God’s amazing kindness in giving His only Son to die on the cross for our sins

Did the children get it? 

Ask these questions.

  • Recall  “What was in the bag?”
  • Comprehension  “What special kind of a bag was it?” It was a Kindness Kit (Bag)
  • Application “Can you think of something in the bag you can use to be kind?”
    (Children share).  “Can you think of others things you can use to be kind?” (Children share).
  • Analysis  “What was in the bag that shows the kindness of God to us?” The cross. The Bible.

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