Friday Resource: Value and Shading Exercises



Image Credit: – License: CC0

Image Credit: – License: CC0

When we talk about “value” in art, many people might think that we’re discussing how much a painting is worth. Although that can be true, more often than not the word value is referring to how light or dark a particular color or shade is. One weakness that many beginning artists have in common is a failure to use value well. So today’s resource blog is devoted to Web pages that discuss value as well as shading techniques. Value is one of the seven elements of art, and a mastery of this element will go a long way toward enabling you to create pictures, drawings, and paintings that “pop”.

Since the sites I’m listing are all pretty similar, I’m going to summarize them as groups, rather than individually.

The first two Web sites below will give you a bit of the theory behind value, and why it’s important in art:


The next three sites provide a variety of tutorials for learning to shade with pencil:


Finally, here’s a YouTube video that shows how to shade and blend with colored pencils: 


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