Homeschool Art Unit: The Art Elements — Line


Windows of tall buildings along the side of the image with text overlay.  The Elements of Art: Line.  See the Light ArtOne of the seven elements of art is line.

Today, we’ve got some fun resources that will help you to understand how line works in art, and the different types (or families) of lines that you can use.


Scroll down this page for a wealth of free lessons about line and shading. Some of the lessons require payment, but there are many that are free of charge.

TYPES OF LINE (Short video) —

This video is great. It’s a very short (1-2 min) animated video that shows how different types of lines combine to form a single picture.


Check out the rainbow line sampler project on this page. It’s fun and easy, and it’s a great way for kids to get the feel of using different kinds of lines in art.


This page is definitely one of my favorites. It has some very creative art projects, some targeted at children as young as first graders. All the projects involve the creative and colorful use of line.



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Here are some fun resources to help you to understand how line works in #art.   #homeschooling  #artelements

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