What are Oil Pastels?

Oil Pastels with text overlay - What Are Oil Pastels (And How Do You Work with Them?) See the LightYears ago, when I was first beginning to explore different artistic mediums, I was thrilled to discover oil pastels. Why? Because I didn’t have much money to spend and they were cheap compared to all the other art supplies at the store. I bought a big box and couldn’t wait to get home and start working with them.

My enthusiasm was short-lived.

When I tried to work with them, I quickly became frustrated. They were impossible to blend, gummy, and generally a pain.

If you’ve ever experienced this frustration, you know what I’m talking about. Check out today’s Super-Short Art Tip for some suggestions on how to reduce your frustration and actually have some fun with oil pastels.




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What are Oil Pastels and how do you work with them? Super-Short Art Tips for some suggestions on how to have some fun with oil pastels.  #art #homeschoolart #oilpastels #homeschoolingartprojects

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