Thursday Resource: How to Draw Flowers

Photo Credit: Zak Stoddard -

Photo Credit: Zak Stoddard –

On Tuesday, our focus was on drawing butterflies. Today we’ve got a lot of awesome resources for drawing flowers. For the younger children in your family, this site has a free printable coloring page of a daffodil:

Printable Daffodil Coloring Page: 


For the older children who are looking for more of a challenge, these two pages from the site may be just the ticket:


How to Draw a Daisy in 5 Steps:

How to Draw a Pansy in 5 Steps:


Here’s a high speed video of how to draw a lotus flower. It’s a good drawing, but the autofocus on the video camera makes it a bit difficult to watch at times. Nevertheless, it’s worth a look:

 How to Draw a Lotus Flower:



How to Draw a Rose:

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a rose. It’s fairly complex, so it should provide a good challenge for your more advanced students.



If that one’s too challenging, here’s a simpler approach:



Free Printable Wildflower Coloring Pages:

This website has a ton of great printable coloring pages, including some “color by number” pages that show you how to color specific wildflowers. A great way to combine art and learning about nature.


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