Art Class Volume 4

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Art Class Volume 4

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Lesson 13: BLENDING WITH COLORED PENCILS - Learning how to work with colored pencils is a great way to broaden your drawing skills! Scrumbling, cross-hatching and overlay are some of the blending techniques that result in rich color blending. Supplies needed: #2 Pencil, White Eraser or Gray Kneaded Eraser, 2 Sheets of White Paper - 8 1/2 by 11 or larger if you have it, Your Color Wheel from previous lessons, Black Sharpie Marker, Pencil Sharpener.

Lesson 14: PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT - Just like the masters, young artists of the YES YOU CAN DRAW! CLASS will do a flower study! This class provides the opportunity to put color-blending techniques for colored pencils into practice. Supplies needed: #2 Pencil, Kneaded Eraser, Several Sheets of Paper - your choice of colors, Set of Colored Pencils, Pencil Sharpener.

Lesson 15: BLENDING WITH CHALK PASTELS - Color blending techniques continue. Use the rich color of a new medium - chalk pastels! They may be a little messy, but oh so much fun! Supplies needed: #2 Pencil, Gray Kneaded Eraser, 1 Sheet of White Pastel or Charcoal Paper - not copy paper because it is too smooth, Basic Set of Chalk Pastels with all of the primary, secondary and intermediate colors + white - 12 to 16, An old but clean White Sock.

Lesson 16: PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER - Master artist Pat guides you in a quick study utilizing color blending techniques for her favorite medium - chalk pastels. You'll be amazed at the results! Supplies needed: Set of Chalk Pastels, Kneaded Eraser, Toned Paper - Light, but not White, Tissues, Old Sock, Swabs, Baby Wipes, Real or Artificial Pear.

Fun projects, Brief art history, Biblical applications

Review by H.O.P.E. Home School Consulting (Posted on 1/29/14)
More than just art, See the Light also connects certain aspects of art with virtues and the Bible.

Review by Lea H @ Virtuous Foundations (Posted on 2/21/12)

My children are enjoying learning art with Pat Knepley and See the Light Art.

I am most surprised that my almost four-year-old son is absolutely glued to the screen when Pat is teaching the class. I was thinking he would just not have the attention span. I am happy to be proven wrong :)

Not that I blame him – she is very engaging! I actually find myself sitting down and watching the class as well, and often drawing right along with the kids.

More than just art, See the Light also connects certain aspects of art with virtues and the Bible.

In Art Class Volume #4, Pat mentions needing patience to get things just right, how blending takes time, and patience is a virtue. Her short chat on patience really stuck with my son. While in the car driving to the store (we live in the boonies, and a decent store is about an hour away), my almost 4-year-old was being quiet in the back seat, just looking out the window and observing. Finally he piped up, “Mommy, am I being patient?” I said, “Yes you are, Buddy!” He responded, “Just the the Art Class Lady talked about!”

Totally not what I expected See the Light to teach him – but what a valuable lesson to learn. Their slogan “Drawing Children to Him” is exactly right.

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