Art Projects - Cartooning

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Art Projects - Cartooning

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Bring Your Imagination to Life!

Cartooning Basics
for Kids of All Ages!

ART HISTORY - Classical Cartooning

ART ELEMENTS - Line, Space and Shape

ART CONCEPTS - Exaggeration and Movement

Materials Needed to Complete the Project

•Several sheets of plain white paper (any size)

A #2 pencil

A pencil sharpener

Good white or gray kneaded eraser

A fine point black marker

•A thick black permanent marker

Son watched all 60 minutes 3 times - I call that "awesomeness"

Review by ponderingsfrommyheart (Posted on 11/19/13)

My son loves art so you might assume that I love art or am talented in that area - NO. Not even close.
So , how could little unknowledgeable me teach art to my aspiring young artist?
Well, last summer I scoured catalogs, magazines, and the internet for a good art curriculum and finally found SEE THE LIGHT ART DVDs. I was so excited! I felt I'd found a real treasure so I purchased the entire set of 9 ART CLSS DVDs.
The DVDs are simple and easy for me to use, requiring little to no prep on my part.
I honestly cannot say enough good things about these DVDs. I highly recommend them!
I sleep peacefully at night knowing my son is getting fine art instruction right in our home!

We've been using them this school year, and - both Mommy and Son loooooooooove them.
We recently got "Cartooning". My son has watched this DVD in its entirety three times already so we have a pretty good grasp on all its awesomeness.
The DVD is just over an hour, broken up into much smaller lessons. The master artist, Pat Knepley, talks about the history of cartooning - very interesting! She also explains how all pics are made up of lines and shapes. To make cartoons funny, Pat explains how to exaggerate different features and how to give your characters human characteristics.
Pat finished the DVD by demonstrating how to create a comic strip by using speech bubbles and talks about the importance of planning ahead as you create your strip.
What I love most about these DVDs are that they're taught from a Christian perspective. In each and every lesson we've seen so far, Pat shares a neat Biblical insight that relates to her art lesson. Pat shares in this DVD how in Genesis 2:19 Adam was given the job of naming all the animals, and then she draws different animals in her cartooning.
Worked w/ 25 kids - ages 5 - 12 in homeschooling coop !

Review by owlhaven (Posted on 11/15/13)

This week we had craft day at our church - a homeschooling coop with a bunch of friends.There are usually 20 - 25 kids - some teens, but most in the 5 - 12 age range. Moms take turns being in charge. When it's your turn you always to do something that is enjoyable for all, which can be tricky with that broad an age span.
I chose to do the first 25 minutes of "Cartooning".It was the first time our group had done anything like that, and it ended up working really well.
Master Artist Pat Knepley makes it easy. For example, she began by showing kids how to make different kinds of cartoon eyes, noses, and mouths in a collection on a sheet of scrap paper. It was all very simple and non-intimidating for folks not sure of their drawing ability, but varied enough to also intrigue the kids who did like to draw. Then she showed how to cartoonize shapes of vegetables using a mix of the features that she'd already shown the kids how to draw.
At any given moment almost all the kids were happily engaged, which in a group that diverse I consider a big success!
Way to go- little input from me

Review by A simple life really (Posted on 7/23/13)

My children for quite a long time now have enjoyed writing their own stories, their own books, their own comic books and recently their own DVD movie covers. So when the See the Light Cartooning DVD was offered to me; as a Gabby Mom, to review I jumped at the chance. Two of the greatest things about the See the Light Art Projects is the child/parent can stop and start the lesson as needed. And the other thing is I can walk away and let the instructor do the teaching.
The materials needed are very minimal.
The instructor Pat Knepley takes the kids through each step of making and creating faces and facial expressions.
For a homeschool mom searching for an art curriculum that is pretty much self taught this is the perfect way to go with very little input from me. It does all I need for it to do and our children really enjoyed learning all about cartooning from its history and origin all the way up to how to create it.
An awesome curriculum for all ages!

Review by Jalynn Patterson (Posted on 5/20/13)

For a homeschool mom searching for an art curriculum that is pretty much self taught this is the perfect way to go with very little input from me. It does all I need for it to do and our children really enjoyed learning all about cartooning from its history and origin all the way up to how to create it.
4 Everybody :)

Review by lizfromlyster (Posted on 2/25/13)

I've got 6 kids from 5 - 17. 3 love art, 2 aren't as interested, and 1 isn't sure. This lesson worked for everybody. I was amazed because they all kept drawing cartoons after the lesson ended! Now I've got a houseful of cartooners! Hm. . . maybe I'll start wallpapering with their cartoons - LOL!
Used for church

Review by Children's Director (Posted on 11/26/12)

I needed something easy, something different for an evening at church with kids from 6 to 16. Since I had zero prep time (for a variety of reasons), and needed to fill an hour (I'm being honest), I thought I'd try this. We use the Bible Story DVDs with our children's ministry, so I was confident of the quality of See The Light products. It went great - even better than I could have imagined - PTL! My follow-up? Have them do Biblical cartoon characters and let us guess the character and the story !
Coop Lesson

Review by Livin4God (Posted on 11/26/12)

I'm in charge of art for our coop. We have about 50 kids from ages 4-16.
I use ART CLASS & ART PROJECTS & BIBLE STORIES, so I knew this would be of equal quality. It is.
I can tell you that 50 kids thoroughly enjoyed cartooning! I broke it into 2 lessons of about 30 minutes each. The kids could have go on and on.
Great Fun for the Entire Family

Review by FUNRUS (Posted on 11/26/12)

Who doesn't enjoy learning to cartoon I wondered. So - one night the whole family, including Grandma and Grandpa sat , watched, and learned cartooning, laughing , and enjoying Pat's teaching.
I heartily recommend this for a fun family evening (or day) !
Suitable for all ages, all stages

Review by Blessedw/aBunch (Posted on 11/26/12)

I have 7 of my own + 3 foster children we are in the process of adopting. Yes, I love children!
It's not always easy to find an art lesson that appeals to all ages, all stages of development, including those with disabilities!
"Cartooning" does it! To see all 10 of them engrossed with Pat Knepley's teaching and learning to do cartooning + having a Bible message - fabulous!
And you need only the MOST basic materials.
Lovin' cartoonin'

Review by Got Guys (Posted on 11/26/12)

My 4 guys aren't great lovers of art. We do it anyway. They need to learn the skills.
BUT - this DVD - they LOVE LOVE LOVE! They kept on drawing after it was over, and it's an hour long!

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