Art Projects - Paper Jungle

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Art Projects - Paper Jungle

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Create a paper collage in the style of French artist Henri Rousseau!

Watch and Produce Your Own Masterpiece
in 4 Step-By-Step Lessons with Master Artist Pat Knepley!

PAPER JUNGLE is the fourth in a series of ART PROJECTS that advance skills and learning as students complete wonderful works of art in the style of a variety of famous artists.

PAPER JUNGLE includes an in-depth Art History focus on the style of Henri Rousseau, explores related Art Elements and Art Principles, and uses a variety of media. Biblical integration is woven into every single lesson!

PAPER JUNGLE is geared for ages 10 +. The 4 lesson DVD runs approximately 1 ½ hours, but the student should allow approximately 3 to 4 hours to complete this fabulous work of art!

Synopsis of each lesson:

1. Background: Cutting Trees (22 minutes)

2. Foreground: Grass and Leaf Shapes (27 minutes)

3. Focal Points: Flora and Fauna (26 minutes)

4. The Final Step: Overlapping and Gluing (25 minutes)

Materials Needed to Complete the Project

• A package of 9”x12” multiple color construction paper – 1 purple, 1 blue, 3 green, 1 yellow, 1 brown, 1 red, 1 orange, 1 black

• Several sheets of scrapbooking papers that are patterned and green – all different

• A bottle of white glue or heavy-duty glue stick

• Scissors

• Black fine Sharpie marker

• Pencil

• White eraser

• Sample leaves to study various shapes

• A magazine or Internet photo of one wild animal (ex. tiger, monkey, lion, elephant, gorilla)

Combines art history, Scripture, prayer

Review by Mama Manuscripts (Posted on 11/4/13)

I thought that combining art techniques and styles w/ the history of a famous artist who worked in that style was a good idea:) It is!
SEE THE LIGHT is doing it !
My children, ages 8 and 10, were immediately captivated by Pat Knepley. We worked diligently on our project in four separate lessons, and were very happy with the results.
I love that art history is incorporated throughout and the fact that my children said that Pat Knepley must have a scripture for everything was pretty cool. I especially liked that she prayed before we were to start cutting out our projects as cutting is not my forte.
The lessons were well planned out and easy to follow. It was really wonderful to end up with a completed project !
Biblical, Wholesome, Entertaining, Educational

Review by my joy filled life (Posted on 10/9/13)

I am not a fan of teaching art and don't like the messes that come along with it, but as a homeschooler with 7 children, I want them to be able to explore and express their creative sides.

This project is geared for kids ages 10_, but my 4 oldest kids (ages 4,6,8, and 10) all participated, enjoyed it, and learned. It was a blessing to be able to have all the kids working on the same project together. It was also beneficial to have the required materials listed right on the back of the DVD.

Pat's Knepley's joy for teaching art is very evident as well as her love and passion for teaching about the Lord. She strategically integrates the Bible into each lesson.

Pat reiterates the info being taught, so the kids learn and remember. She thoroughly goes through all of the steps of the project, making it easy to implement and understand, plus, the video is well done so that you can actually see what she is doing with each step.

My kids enjoyed the entire process and were so thrilled with their finished projects. This curriculum gets two thumbs up from this art-challenged mom.
Gets a Huge Tribal Thumbs Up!

Review by Life w/ the Tribe (Posted on 7/15/13)

The tribe of 14, 13, 11,9,7,5, and 3 all participated and did Paper Jungle and gets a huge Tribal Thumbs Up! Paper Collage helped us get art study into our week very easily. The children had a great time around the table talking, laughing, and creating!My 5 year old was happy to take others' leftover flowers and leaves:)
If you struggle to get art into your homeschool, want to work with multiple ages, and need affordable resources or just want a fun hands on learning experience, check out Art Project! Want something different? SEE THE LIGHT has choices.
Invite a Credentialed Art Teacher into Your Home - Good Idea :)

Review by Homeschool Coffee Break (Posted on 7/15/13)

I have a student who loves doing art project, but I don't have a lot of expertise in teaching art, so inviting a credentialed art teacher into our home to help out with art instruction seemed like a great idea, and it was.
What we liked best:
*These are quality projects, and any student should be able to produce something they are very proud to show off!
*I loved the effortless way that art history, art appreciation, elements of design, and Bible lessons were woven in the DVD. Pat Knepley simply shared the info and her thoughts as she worked and demonstrated the project, and it was not forced or 'preachy', but done in a conversational style.
*this project, in particular , didn't require expensive materials.
What I need to mention:
*Some students may want to rush or feel the pressure to "keep up" with Pat. I suggest doing what we tried - watch the lesson all the way through, without trying to draw or cut at the same time, then watch again and pause at each step and encourage the student to take their time.
Our bottom line:
My young artist loved doing this project and it inspired more artistic ideas for her. I think these DVD lessons would be a welcome addition in most homeschools, and would be great for small co-op classes as well.
Pat K's Art Instruction is Phenomenal

Review by Nothin2prove (Posted on 7/15/13)

All of my kids LOVE to create all kinds of art. One of mine loves to participate in Storyboarding in 4-H, and we thought that Paper Jungle would be very useful to learn some new techniques to help her create future storyboards.
She said that Pat Knepley is one of the best teacher's she's had the pleasure to learn from.
This series of Art Project DVD's is a perfect way to give independent study to your child. Pat shares many Bible stories and scriptures along the way as well as subtle character lessons. The art history of Henry Rousseau was taught and interwoven throughout the lessons making it a great hands-on way to learn.
I love the quality of the filming and the eye appeal of the set-up. The enthusiasm of Pat and her love for art and teaching definitely shows through!
Very COOL Project

Review by There's More 2 Les (Posted on 7/15/13)

I was excited for the kids to do something "different" with art. They had never made a paper collage so it was fun to try something new.
I know you technically should just do one lesson at a time, but when we finished the first lesson, they didn't want to stop. We ended up doing all four lessons in one sitting!
Ms. Knepley did a great job explaining what they were doing and talking about the artist, and I liked that she did the project right along with them. Each lesson includes training on technique, fabulous teaching about Rousseau, showing his work, and Bible reading/references that applies to what we were doing . It was great!
3-D effect - Very cool

Review by Joy'nJesus (Posted on 11/26/12)

With art projects, my teens enjoy learning the art history. We often follow-up Pat's projects with visits to museums, looking for techniques that she's been teaching us.
The paper collage presented a new challenge, We created a 3-D jungle effect overlapping flora, fauna, animals with our cut out construction paper. Very cool effect.
I am always heartened at the way Pat relates an appropriate Scripture to the individual lesson being taught. She radiates the love and joy of our Lord.

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