Art Projects - Pointillism Fruit

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Art Projects - Pointillism Fruit

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Create a fruit still life in the style of French artist Georges Seurat!

Watch and Produce Your Own Masterpiece
in 4 Step-By-Step Lessons with Master Artist Pat Knepley!

POINTILLISM FRUIT is the fourth in a series of ART PROJECTS that advance skills and learning as students complete wonderful works of art in the style of a variety of famous artists.

POINTILLISM FRUIT includes an in-depth Art History focus on the style of Georges Seurat, explores related Art Elements and Art Principles, and uses a variety of media. Biblical integration is woven into every single lesson!

POINTILLISM FRUIT is geared for ages 10 +. The 4 lesson DVD runs approximately 1 ½ hours, but the student should allow approximately 3 to 4 hours to complete this fabulous work of art!

Synopsis of each lesson:

1. Color Theory and Initial Drawing (21 minutes)

2. Lay down Base Color with Dots (24 minutes)

3. Optical Color Mixing with More Dots (25 minutes)

4. Highlights and Shadows for Finished Still Life (26 minutes)

Materials Needed to Complete the Project

• An 11”x14” sheet white Bristol board (or poster board)

• Small craft acrylic paints in pure hues – white, yellow, orange, red, green, blue, purple

• 3 pieces of fruit (real or fake) – red apple, yellow banana, green pear, or an orange

50 clean cotton swabs

• Several waxy coated white paper plates

• Paper towels

• A pencil

• A white eraser

Loved project - thinkin' of framing

Review by TheUsualMayhem (Posted on 7/22/13)

The website suggests that this be used for ages 10 and up, but as always my kindergarten sidekick joined in with his 12 year old sister M (try to keep a curious 5 year old out of the art supplies when they open up!) and I found that it's also... ok.... for a younger child who can concentrate well, although they may not grasp all of it. D didn't stay focused all the way through, but he did have fun participating and experimenting with colour theory while painting. My 20 year old also gave it a try, and I couldn't resist either!

The DVD contains 4 lessons, and takes you through the artist's background and style before moving on the each step of the lesson. We found this to be completely manageable to work with, even in the middle of getting ready for a move, and the kids were happy to have an interesting art project to keep them occupied now that most of our house is packed up. Best of all, the materials list was short and sweet and there was nothing I had to buy!

Lesson one told us Georges Seurat's history and gave a great overview of pointillism and how it came to be such a favoured art style at the time. (The kids were delighted to realize that they are already familiar with what is arguably his most famous piece,A Sunday on La Grande Jatte, from a reproduction of it painted on a market wall in our favourite town!)

Then we were instructed to sketch out a maximum of three fruits' outlines in pencil. Because we were spreading this out (and my kids eat everything that isn't nailed down), we photographed the fruit composition as soon as we made each one, so that we had them ready to work with in later lessons. There was some frustration initially with getting the outline right, but we broke out some peppermints and it seemed to settle everyone into the mood.

Lesson two had us painting the basic colour of the fruit. Lesson 3 showed us how to add shading using complimentary colours, and Lesson 4 showed us how to finish it off with highlighting.

Pat Knepley is an engaging speaker and her enthusiasm for the subject comes through loud and clear! The quality of the video lessons was excellent and the length was great; it kept us interested without dragging things out. We also loved learning more about the artist and seeing Ms. Knepley demonstrate on the video exactly what she was talking about at each step of the way. It was really helpful to see it before attempting it.

We all loved these lessons and the kids are so proud of their finished works of art that we are thinking of having them framed professionally! I would not hesitate to use more of these excellent videos.
Appreciate the art history & the project

Review by Gal4art (Posted on 11/26/12)

I studied art history in college, and was always intrigued with the pointillism of Georges Seurat. I never imagined that my children would be able to learn the technique and be successful at their ages - 9, 13, 15, but they were!
First Pat gives an in depth art history lesson which is fabulous, then proceeds to the lesson, and - always includes a Biblical component. Looking forward to doing the next art project in this amazing series.
Unique & Fun Project

Review by MommaMia (Posted on 11/26/12)

Creating a work of art with cotton swabs! You've got to be kidding! It's great fun, and my 3 kids agree. It takes patience and concentration, so dividing the lesson into 4 parts , as master artist Pat Knepley suggests, is a good idea.

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