Art Projects - Poppy Collage

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Art Projects - Poppy Collage

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Create an abstract flower in the style of American artist Georgia O'Keeffe!

Watch and Produce Your Own Masterpiece in 4 Step-By-Step Lessons with Master Artist Pat Knepley!

POPPY COLLAGE is the fifth in a series of ART PROJECTS that advance skills and learning as students complete wonderful works of art in the style of a variety of famous artists.

POPPY COLLAGE includes an in-depth Art History focus on the style of Georgia O'Keeffe, explores related Art Elements and Art Principles, and uses a variety of media. Biblical integration is woven into every single lesson!

POPPY COLLAGE is geared for ages 10 +. The 4 lesson DVD runs approximately 1 ½ hours, but the student should allow approximately 3 to 4 hours to complete this fabulous work of art!

Synopsis of each lesson:

1. The Abstracted Flower Drawing 

 2. Tissue Paper Collage Technique 

 3. Layering Translucent Hues 

 4. Final Details to Create Interest

Materials Needed to Complete the Project

• A 14”x14” sheet white Bristol board (or poster board)

• A flower with 4 to 6 simple petals – ex. poppy, New Guinea impatiens, hibiscus

• Sheets of colored art tissue paper – various shades of yellow, orange, and red

• Scissors

• Newspaper or old tablecloth to protect table

• Scrap paper

• Water

• A bowl

• Paper plates

• White school glue

• A pencil

• A white eraser

I did it with my 11 y/o son

Review by Reading,Writing,Pondering (Posted on 7/23/13)

There are 4 complete step-by-step lessons on the DVD, with each lesson lasting around 20 minutes per session. At the end of the DVD, we had a completed project and we knew about the artist whose style we used as an example for our project. In our case, Georgia O'Keeffe. In each lesson we learned some of the history of how Georgia started painting, where she studies, what her paintings were like and more. The lessons were interesting and Pat is an enthusiastic teacher. As a Christian, it was great to see her tie in a bit of Scripture with each lesson. The recommended age is over 10. . .My 11-year old son enjoyed the project and learning about the artist. It seemed to be right-on with his skill level. I made a project too along side him because art was a favorite subject and you're never too old to learn, right?
Confession: Art - Bane of my homeschooling existence

Review by The Sunny Patch (Posted on 7/22/13)

Art is the bane of my homeschooling existence. There, I confessed. I don't mind looking for project ideas and gathering supplies but I don't like directing the project and I don't enjoy cleaning up the mess afterwards. So believe me, art projects only happen sporadically in this house! But now that TJ is a bit older it's much easier to hand most of the work right over to her. She can work independently and clean up once she's finished. I'm always on the lookout for self-directed art projects .

While working with Master Artist Pat Knepley, students will create their own flower collage and learn all about Georgia O'Keeffe. The Art Project DVDs, which are unabashedly Christian, are geared for students ages 10+ and I found that to be fairly accurate. My daughter is just shy of 10 but she was completely capable of following along but I wouldn't attempt it with children much younger.

Our thoughts: TJ and I both thought this DVD was so well done! I really like that the DVD is divided into 4 chapters. That makes it very easy to work on one section per week and finish the DVD in a month (making it quite cost-effective). The instructor does a beautiful job of discussing Georgia O'Keeffe's life and work while working through each lesson. It's easy to add in a book or two and some picture study time, making it a very well-rounded art program. I think that students are more apt to remember more about the artist and their work when they work in a similar style - it really brings the artist and their work to life. TJ really enjoyed the project and thought the instructor, Pat Knepley, was fun and interesting to listen to while she worked. I'm so happy with them that they are on my shopping list for our next school year!
Very Worthwhile

Review by SeekingHim1st (Posted on 2/2/13)

My tweens & teens are going through art projects, one by one, and learning a ton. The art history Pat Knepley teaches is extraordinary, the projects are challenging, the final product satisfying to one and to all.
This project puts tissue paper collage on a whole new level of difficulty. Layering the translucent hues takes time and patience - great for character building :)

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