Bible Stories

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Bible Stories

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Explore the Bible through Interactive Art
The Artist Draw the Bible Story
The Dramatic Telling of the Story
3 Step-by-Step Lessons Related to the Bible
The Art and Story with Others

“Hands-on art lessons make the Bible story
more interesting and engaging.”
—BARNA Group Research 
The CrossMaker
 Dominic, the son of a carpenter, finds himself drawn into the unforgettable trail of the man called Jesus. Share in this amazing adventure that takes Dominic from Christ’s crucifixion to a place of redemption, and a face-to-face meeting with the risen Christ.
God's Special Surprise
At first God’s people were free to work and play. Years later they were slaves. But they were still God’s people. In His time, God sent a special surprise. Families will thrill to the love and faith of a mother desperate to save her baby boy from death. Children and adults will admire the bravery of a sister who dared to speak to a powerful princess. The drama in this story of Moses will help build the faith of children, and encourage obedience to the Word of God. 
Gift of Love
They were poor. They were exhausted from the long journey. Faith and obedience kept them going. Join Mary and Joseph in this dramatic retelling of the wondrous story that led to the fulfillment of Scripture in the birth of Jesus, Son of God, Savior of the world. See and hear the rejoicing of the glittering army of angels.
Giovanni accompanies his father on an unforgettable journey of fear and hope. The storm at sea is unrelenting. The ship is being torn apart. All seems lost, and yet... one prisoner, a courageous hero, knows God, and that changes everything. As children experience this dramatic story of the Apostle Paul through the eyes of Giovanni, their faith in the power and mercy of God will be strengthened.
God's Runaway
God told his prophet Jonah to go to Nineveh, but Jonah was determined to disobey. The shocking consequence got Jonah’s attention! This exciting story is artfully brought to life, and demonstrates God’s love and mercy to Jonah, to the people of Nineveh, and to each one of us.
I did the Math

Review by God lovin' Penny Pincher (Posted on 11/25/12)

If it's not a bargain, I don't get it. With 7 kids I homeschool and one on the way, I don't have time or money to waste. So why did I get this set?
#1. I know the other products of this company and their heart for the Lord. I trust them.
#2. There are a total of 1106 minutes of Biblical content! So, I divided $75.00 by 1106. That's about 14 cents a minute for a fresh presentation of Scripture + 15 complete art lessons + a load of bonus material including the plan of salvation presented in a fresh, but Scripturally accurate way.
#3. Not only that. In the art lessons, you need to stop the DVD every once in a while and have the kids catch up, so - - - it's really longer than 1106 minutes! Woohoo & PTL!
Intricate Chalk Drawings + art lessons + bonus features

Review by Go with Glo (Posted on 11/25/12)

Gloria Kohlmann is the chalk artist who not only brings these Bible stories to life with her God given talents and abilities, but also gives commentaries of how she does it in one of the bonus pieces on each DVD.
I'm a chalk artist. Two of my teens are wanting to become gospel chalk artists. This material is an unbelievable help in this area.
I'd also recommend subscribing to Gloria has been featured, and Jim Pence does a regular column.
Interpret the Bible through Art

Review by Mom of Many (Posted on 11/25/12)

I have 8 children. I'm busy. I love God's Word. I desire for my children to have a strong Biblical upbringing. Every product I choose must enhance my parenting goals.
See the Light products do. My kids are going through ART CLASS, and loving it. I bought "Gift of Love" last Christmas. The storytelling is engaging, artfully brought to life, captured the attention of all my children - PTL! The related art lessons were a Christmas joy! So - I've now bought the entire set, and feel confident that all of these See the Light Bible stories will have the same high level of commitment to the Word of God, using outstanding artists that portray the stories and teach my children.
Never more for less

Review by Frugal Family (Posted on 11/25/12)

First I checked out the promos. Then I saw how many minutes each of these DVDs were and what they included - woohoo!
So, for $14.99 each I get 5 God honoring DVDs, with Bible stories uniquely presented+ 15 step by step excellent art lessons that correlate with the story + a host of bonus features!
Each DVD has between 143 minutes of content and 285! That's was I call a God honoring bargain!
I recommend this series

Review by Cautious and Discerning Mom (Posted on 11/25/12)

I'm really particular about what my 7 children watch. To be honest, some "Bible" DVDs are either not Scriptural or are not interesting.
These are not only fascinating stories, emphasizing the character of God and how He works in people's lives, but also use the added bonuses of the related step by step art lessons to continue to truly get the Word of God into the heart of children - or as See the Light puts it "Drawing Children to Him". My family thanks God for See the Light!
Help for Programs/VBS, Special Events

Review by Kids' Ed Director (Posted on 11/25/12)

First I check the video promos. Looked good. So I purchased "Gift of Love" to use at Christmas. What I like is that the familiar story is presented in a way that is easy for the younger children, but has the amazing art techniques for the older children to watch and absorb. The music and drama is excellent also.
The related step by step art lessons are appropriate for multi-ages. I like that a lot. Also they emphasize the Biblical principles.
Bottom Line: I purchased the boxed set to use all through the year. I'm thinking of using one of them for VBS!
Great for Co-ops

Review by Busy homeschool mom looking for best of everything! (Posted on 11/25/12)

I had no idea that all 5 of these stories were available in a beautiful boxed set! Our homeschool coop pitched in and we're buying them to use for Christmas, Easter, and special Bible/art times throughout the year.
What better way to explore the Bible than through Hands-On Art Lessons?
You see real artist use their gifts and talents to tell God's Word, and give children more of God's Word + teach them to draw!

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